2. Meeting des Frühlingssemesters: Study Abroad!

This meeting was really interesting! We had a guest speaker from IGS come in to give a presentation on the Fulbright program (and all of the different ways to do it), and then we presented on the university-approved undergraduate Study Abroad opportunities in German-speaking countries.

The question we asked our members this meeting was “Wart ihr schon mal in Deutschland” – and many had, in fact, been to Leipzig with UD.

We briefly went over the four options UD has for undergrads: Winter session in Leipzig, Fall semester in Salzburg, the VDAC scholarship, and the Fulbright program.

We started with the shortest and most popular: Winter session in Leipzig.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-01 um 5.00.53 PM.png

Text reads: Wintersemester in Leipzig

  • Dauer des Programms: 5 Wochen
  • Kosten: ~$2,400
  • Studiengebühren: $2,165 (Delaware resident) / $5,805 (out of state)
  • Wo: Leipzig, Sachsen, Deutschland
  • Was: Intensivkurs bei InterDaF an der Herder Institut der Universität Leipzig (Deutsch als Fremdsprache)
  • Niveau: 106-200 (offiziell – manche Leute haben 300, bzw. 400-niveau Kursen dort besucht)
  • Bewerbungsfrist (Wintersemester 2018 / Januar 2018): 20. September 2017

We went over who in the club and e-board had done this (most non-freshmen), and I showed a few pictures of Leipzig…

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-01 um 5.04.33 PM.png

Photos, TOP: Leipzig vom Völkerschlachtdenkmal (2017), Uni Leipzig auf’m Augustusplatz (2017), Graffiti “Ich Liebe Dich” – am Brühl (2017), Westwerk (Plagwitz, 2014), Nikolaikirche (2017)
BOTTOM: Kanal (Plagwitz, 2014), Starbucks (Hbf, 2014), Leipzig vom Hotel (2017), Völkerschlachtdenkmal (2017)

(all photos in this slide are mine)

Leipzig was a great program that most people in the club have already done, and usually it leaves them feeling like they want to go back…

Herbstsemester in Salzburg

bildschirmfoto-2017-03-01-um-5-06-17-pmText: Herbstsemester in Salzburg

  • Dauer des Programms: 4 Monaten
  • Kosten: $5,500
  • Studiengebühren: $5,770 / $15,480
  • Wo: Salzburg, Österreich
  • Was: Ein Semester DaF bei der Uni Salzburg!
  • Niveau: 300 – 400
  • Bewerbungsfrist (Herbst 2017): 10. März

And then we showed some pictures of Salzburg.


A member of the club, Sharon Hollenbach, took these photos. Some are of excursions included in the program, but many are from Salzburg itself.

Sometimes, though, half a year isn’t enough, which is why we also introduced

The VDAC (Verband der Deutsch-Amerikanischen Clubs) Scholarship

This is the scholarship which enabled me to study in Potsdam for three semesters.


Text: VDAC Austausch

  • Dauer des Programms: 10 Monaten
  • Kosten: NIX
  • Studiengebühren: KEINE
  • Wo: Verschiedene Städte in Deutschland
  • Was: Immersive Austausch bei einer Deutschen Universität. 5 Seminare in verschiedene Städte obligatorisch.
  • Niveau: generell, 400-niveau, aber wenn es wenig Interesse gibt, kann man an einem niedrigerin Niveau sein.
  • Bewerbungsfrist (Herbst 2017): 10. März

The Verband has 23 partner universities in Germany, which I listed during the presentation, and applicants list their top three when they apply. I was lucky enough to get my top choice, Potsdam.

UD takes two students a year from Germany and sends two students a year from Newark, but from German club, we have a pretty high acceptance rate! We listed all of the students in the past three years, and almost everyone knew at least one person on the list (besides myself).

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-01 um 5.15.28 PM.pngTOP: Holändisches Viertel, Dampfmaschinenhaus “Moschee”
MIDDLE: Communs / Uni Potsdam, Park/Schloss Sanssouci, Alexandrowka, Denktafel (??) Deutscher Teilung, Communs / Kollonaden vorm Neuen Palais
BOTTOM: Uni Potsdam Campus Golm, Ruine des Denkmals des “Größen Väterländischen Kriegs” (Stasi-Viertel), Rathaus, Drachenhaus im Park Sanssouci, Denkmal an den Opfer des Faschismus (Platz der [sozialistischen] Einheit), Babelsberg 03

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-01 um 5.15.36 PM.pngTOP: MITTE (Spree mit Museumsinsel & Fernsehturm im Hintergrund), FRIEDRICHSHAIN (Horse-mannequin), MITTE (Skateboarding dog auf’m Alex, Lustgarten), ZEHLENDORF
MIDDLE: MITTE (Berlinale am Potsdamer Platz), CHARLOTTENBURG (Olympiastadion – Hertha gegen Wolfsburg – draw)
BOTTOM: PRENZLAUER BERG (street art x 2), MITTE (Neptunbrunnen, Karl-Marx-Allee), CHARLOTTENBURG (Westend)

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-01 um 5.15.48 PM.pngTOP: Duisburg (Carina, Patrick, building?), Trier (VDAC group – Maxi, Jose, Trav, Anika at La Porta Negra, market, Basilica)
MIDDLE: Frankfurt AM, Wiesbaden, Koblenz (river & cable car, monument to Wilhelm I, fountain with city history), Berlin (Destiney, Patrick, Brenna)
BOTTOM: Tübingen (town), Bebingen (Julian climbing into a hole, Jackson with a bag on his head w/ Thorsten in the bg), Kassel (Herkules, park, schloss)

At this point, we’d reached our time, so we scheduled the next meeting!

The PowerPoint can be found HERE.


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