6. Meeting des Frühlingssemesters: Widerstand im 2. Weltkrieg

For this meeting, we discussed resistance movements that took place in Germany and throughout Europe during the second World War. We covered both groups and individuals that went out of their way to fight the Nazi regime, and in some cases go as far as attempt to assassinate Hitler.

As this meeting was run by Phoebe Hertler, who is a candidate for President of German Club, she began the meeting by introducing herself and what she believes she can offer the club in the year to come.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.29.37 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.29.51 PM.png

She explained her involvement with German Club, as well as how her membership in other clubs will help her succeed in this role. She followed up by detailing how she hopes to keep the structure of German Club similar to this year’s, however also include more discussion activities about everyday life and about recent news in Germany.

The question we asked the members this week was: “Welche Art von Widerstand ist am Effektivsten?”

Several members agreed that, had an assassination attempt on Hitler been successful, the entire course of the war would have been altered, most likely for the better.

The list of people and groups covered during this meeting is as follows:

  1. Fritz Reck
  2. Weiße Rose Gruppe
  3. Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg
  4. Katholische Kirche
  5. Willem Arondeus
  6. Johan Georg Elser
  7. Bielski Partisanen


Passiver Widerstand: Fritz Reck


  • Many of his books banned by the Nazis
  •  Tagebuch eines Verzweifelten (Diary of a Man in Despair) published in 1947
  • Very critical of the Nazi regime (described the Nazis as “vicious apes”), however did not take an energetic stance against it
  •  Arrested for “undermining the moral of the armed forces”




Weiße Roseimages.jpg

  • Mäkler: Hans Scholl, Sophie Scholl, Kurt Huber
  • Gegen Passivität in der deutschen Gesellschaft
  • Verteilten anti-Nazi Propoganda


Das Bombeattentat

  • 440px-Claus_Schenk_Graf_von_Stauffenberg_-_Helmuth_James_Graf_von_Moltke.jpg20. Juli 1944
  • Mäkler: Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg
  • Planned coup d’état, “Operation Valkyrie”
  • Bombe im Aktenkoffer
  • Hitler überlebt



Katholische Kirche340px-CAvGalenBAMS200612.jpg

  • “The Euthanasia Protests”
  • Widerspruch durch Sermons
  • Manchmal halfen die Pfarrer Juden



Willem Arondeusimgres-4.jpg

  • Schwul, Künstler
  • Sehr wichtig für den niederländischen Widerstand gegen Faschismus
  • Benutzte Bomben, zerstörte tausenden Aufzeichnungen über Juden


Johann Georg Elser0,1020,334762,00.jpg

  • Kommunist
  • Hat eine Bombe allein im Bürgerbräukeller gepflanzt.
  • Wenn Hitler 30 Minuten später wäre, würdest er tot sein.




Bielski Partisanen

  • Mäkler: Tuvia Bielski und seine Brüder
  • Retteten mehr als 1230 Juden.
  • Lebten Untergrund in dem Nalibokiwald
  • Benutzten Sabotage und Gewalt


Once all of these resistance movements were introduced and discussed, a round of Taboo/Pictionary was played using the vocabulary cards that were made up last semester.

The Powerpoint, which contains all the slides shown and discussed during the meeting, can be found HERE.


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