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New E-Board and Graduating Officers!

We wanted to congratulate our new E-Board: President: Phoebe Hertler. Treasurer: Chris Pasquale. Executive Board Chairs: Evangelista Barylski and Sharon Hollenbach. We also wanted to give our thanks to our graduating officers: Co-Presidents: Brenna Zonick-Wootten & Danielle Leppo. Social Media Chair: Trav Sauer. At the moment, we’re trying to update the blog with all of […]

6. Meeting des Frühlingssemesters: Widerstand im 2. Weltkrieg

For this meeting, we discussed resistance movements that took place in Germany and throughout Europe during the second World War. We covered both groups and individuals that went out of their way to fight the Nazi regime, and in some cases go as far as attempt to assassinate Hitler. As this meeting was run by Phoebe […]

Vocab Builders!

We at German Club have had our vocab builders available to help students in all levels of German for years, so it’s only fair that we publish them here

3. Meeting des Frühlingssemesters: Pause!

We didn’t have an official meeting this week – instead, a few of us got together to watch a great movie and bake challah. It was a nice break and we had a lot of fun! What movie did we watch (albeit unofficially)? Good Bye Lenin!, obviously. We want to do more casual get-togethers, but […]