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8. Meeting des Frühlingssemesters: Hessen

For this meeting, our exchange student Janina told us about her home state of Hessen. She discussed the capital, the city where she’s from, the city where she studies, and the history of the state itself. She mentioned some cultural differences, and accompanied it all with a powerpoint presentation. Advertisements

2. Meeting des Frühlingssemesters: Study Abroad!

This meeting was really interesting! We had a guest speaker from IGS come in to give a presentation on the Fulbright program (and all of the different ways to do it), and then we presented on the university-approved undergraduate Study Abroad opportunities in German-speaking countries.

Potsdam: Landeshauptstadt Brandenburg

At this meeting, we discussed Potsdam, which is where I lived and studied for three semesters. About Potsdam: Potsdam is a city in Eastern Germany, located on the southwestern border of Berlin. First mentioned in 933 AD, Potsdam’s role in early German history was one of a military city; the walls were meant to keep […]